Monday 28 December 2009

A New Book and the Old Year

In the last two weeks leading up to the Christmas period, my latest offering on place names hit the shelves - Gloucestershire Place Names. As in the past the so-called 'blurb' is reproduced here - (Blurb is the technical term for the introduction on the back of the book).

Ever wondered why our towns and villages are so named? Were they a deliberate creation
by our ancestors or did they evolve naturally over time? Which town is named for its early
production of soap? Why would a field be known as Four Days Math? How long have
Barcelona and Montserratt been found in Gloucestershire? And where is there a street
recalling a fat, boisterous and loose woman?
In these pages we examine the origins of the names with which we are otherwise so familiar.
Towns, villages, districts, hills, streams, woods, farms, fi elds, streets and even pubs are examined and explained. The definitions are supported by anecdotal evidence, bringing to life the individuals and events which have influenced the places and the way these names have developed.
This is not just a dictionary but a history and will prove invaluable, not only for those who
live and work in the county, but also visitors and tourists, historians and former inhabitants,
indeed anyone with an interest in Gloucestershire.

Should anyone like to get hold of a copy (signed if you desire), drop me a line and I will provide you with same - remember it's never too early to start buying Christmas presents!

On the subject of the 'season', as this will be my final planned post of 2009, allow me to wish you and yours a Happy 2010 - and let's hope the financial problems which were the major talking point of 2009 are well behind us all very soon.

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