Tuesday 5 December 2006

My opening gambit

No idea why I chose the card-playing idea for a title to my first post, seems irrational as I haven't the first notion of any card game (other than solitaire and my computer taught me that). Still, if it brought you here then surely I must have succeeded in drawing some attention to myself.

I suppose I should tell you something about myself. I laughingly call myself a freelance journalist and author. Which isn't altogether untrue as I have (to date) seen 5 books and about 350 articles published. On top of this there are innumerable crosswords/puzzles/mindbenders and quizzes for every occasion. I admit to having received birthday cards with "50" on the front, have a daughter and a son, a battered old car, a half-constructed fish pond, and a proper haircut.

Why does this blog exist? I'm reliably informed it is the thing to do and is an avenue of communication the likes of which I have never tried before. And as a writer I am constantly told by my peers to do things and to communicate - hence the blog. (Incidentally, to the person who first abbreviated weblog to blog - please don't create any more supposed words.)

I shall be adding more soon - hopefully more interesting. If you wish to respond please feel free, one of the vital criteria in communication is having more than one individual in the conversation - and perhaps you will inspire my next article, short story or even book!