Sunday, 6 December 2009

As Deadlines Approach

As the season of goodwill approaches, the weight of schedules and deadlines are starting to tip dangerously against me. In the UK the business year fundamentally ends on 23rd December this year, except for retail which will re-open the day after the event.

As far as books go the two final contracts for 2009 are almost complete, indeed will be by this time next week. Of course this will mean no more book contracts to fulfill, however it does not mean no more irons in the fire on the book front, indeed with three different publishers I have eleven proposals currently waiting a response. This may sound a lot but is not something I can't cope with, for I always make sure my deadlines are not something I can't meet - almost without exception my deadlines are not only met but beaten.

Of course not everyone can write as many, most just don't have the time or the desire, although I am sure there are just as many who could produce more. If it were not that I have already done much of the groundwork for most of these proposals I could not hope to submit eleven manuscripts next year.

Note I said three different publishers. I would always advise keeping as many feet in as many doors as is humanly possible. Whislt there is a lot to be said for loyalty, it does not offer as many guarantees or chances as versatility. While it also provides a wealth of experience and helps in the ongoing education of any writer.

Talking of having many strings and a wealth of experience, one man who has shared his knowledge lives not too many miles from away. Nick Dawes has many tips and offers guidance in the form of his blog which can be found at and for those with the desire there are links to a newsletter, Twitter, and Facebook. I would recommend all with an interest in writing to sign up to this most excellent blog.

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