Sunday, 27 March 2011

More Walks

Much walking this week, a delight in the pleasant early spring sunshine. Not only will this benefit the waistline (ok substitute 'create' for 'benefit'), it also blows away the cobwebs and gets the creative juices flowing.
Most of my recent strolls have included the tow path of the Coventry Canal. Monday I strolled around the Kingsbury Water Park and Middleton Hall. On Friday the walk began on Hartshill south of Atherstone and descended through woodland to that same canal. It was a little early for the bluebells to be in bloom, however in two weeks I can guarantee the blue carpet will be a sight to behold.
I found the walk at the AA site and was glad I chose such a lovely day. The lingering mist in the vale did nothing to spoil the view, as this picture shows. The gradient quoted of almost 300 feet (90 metres) may sound a little daunting, however the ascent is not as steep as the descent through the woodland and even then it is quite manageable. However I did find the quoted minimum time of 90 mins rather ambitious. True, I did turn and explore the canal to the southeast before retracing my steps along the suggested route and did linger in conversation with a very charming lady exercising her dogs, yet I still reckon two hours would be more reasonable. Furthermore all three stiles have been replaced by kissing gates.
Walking again tomorrow, taking advantage of the reasonable weather before the rains descend later in the week. This time exploring the National Forest, the former Leicestershire coalfields and the Ashby Canal.

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