Sunday, 20 March 2011

Healthy Body, Creative Mind

Over the last couple of weeks the first real signs of spring have allowed me to get back out on the road. We hear more than enough about the woes of being locked inside during the shorter days of winter - lack of sunshine means a deficiency of some vitamin or other while SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is held responsible for poor output.
Never having suffered from SAD (nor man flu either), I will admit the winter months have been detrimental to my writing. Hence I have taken advantage the sunnier days and trodden the footpaths near my home in Staffordshire. Not that I have ignored my writing while on these walks. On the contrary, it has enabled me to catch up on a number of podcasts, and also cleared my head enough to make a few notes on ideas for the future.
Just taking a few short hours away from the desk has helped immensely. Undoubtedly my writing had become a little stale while I have been locked inside and has benefitted from this breath of fresh air (and, as an added bonus, so has my fitness).
While I will undoubtedly clock up many miles behind the wheel in the coming months, I shall certainly do my utmost to continue to take time out to meander the footpaths, tow paths, and tracks of our green and pleasant land. Should you spot a figure plodding across country, holding an animated conversation when there is nobody else in sight, and going to great lengths to ensure he has the map the correctly oriented, I can guarantee that figure would by most appreciative of a cuppa (milk, no sugar).

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