Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Odd Birds

Following my recent post when I looked at some alternative names for birds, I did have some interest and decided to include a few more this week.
Storm Petrel is also known as Assilag, Mother Carey’s Chicken, Alamootie, Gourder, Goylir, Martin Oil, Spensie, and Witch. Manx Shearwater is apparently also called the Manx puffin, Cockathodon, Skookie, Cleaver, and Lyrie. The Little Grebe is said to be a Crannie, Dabchick, Didapper, Small Ducker, or Blackchin Grebe. What is normally referred to as a Guillemot is also described as a Willock, Tinkershere, Tarrock, Scout, Sea-hen, Murre, Lavy, Longie, Skuttock, Tinkershire, and Weerit, depending upon where one lives. I was aware the much maligned Puffin was referred to as a Sea Parrot, but I had not heard of the Coulterneb, Tammie Norie, Sea Cockie, Bouger, Guldenhead, or Pal. A Gannet is known as a Solan Goose, Basser, Bass Goose, and Hugan. A Cormorant is also known as a Skarf, Cole Goose, Huplin, Lairblade, Lorin, Parson, or a Mulfran. The Shag is also called a Palmer Scarf, Paamer Scarf, or a Green Cormorant. The Common Tern is referred to be some as a Sea Swallow, Tarney, Pitcarney, Tarrock, Pirr, Gull-teaser, or Dip Pearl.

I am still looking for more ghost stories with some connection to both the UK city of Birmingham and the county of Staffordshire. If you don't have anything yourself but know someone who might be able to help please pass on my appeal.

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