Sunday, 28 March 2010

Ghost Stories

As in recent posts I repeat my appeal for your personal ghostly experiences in the UK city of Birmingham and the county of Staffordshire. To whet your appetite here is a taster of something I uncovered during my recent research.

A story which takes place in the oddly named road of The Compa, in Kinver. This is a very old road indeed and has been the venue for a ghostly visitor for as long as anyone can remember.
Always referred to as Old Joe, this figure is of a man aged about fifty. Always clothed in the working attire of his day - heavy work boots and cloth cap, brown trousers and matching waistocat, with the well-frayed collarless shirt - some reports give him a bushy moustache, others note no such adornment.
Nobody has any notion as to the identity of this regular visitor, who is certainly better known as a ghost than he ever was when alive. Indeed rumour has it one elderly couple were visited so regularly they took to setting a place for him at the dining table!

Should you have something for me, please drop me a line. Anonymity, should you require it, is guaranteed.

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