Sunday, 13 September 2009

An Unexpected Opportunity

As may be obvious from the published books, I have an interest in history and in particular the origins of place names. It had been my intention to write about some of the oddities I had found during my many years of research, yet a telephone call on Friday afternoon seemed more relevant considering my previous posts.

In January of this year Ley Lines Across the Midlands hit the shelves, a book I am particularly proud of for it was a different direction for me and the research in particualr was very rewarding. I was offered the chance to promote the book on a BBC local radio station, which involved myself and the interviewer having a chat at a couple of points on a route with the whole thing recorded and edited. I'm pleased to say it required little editing (indeed as were the BBC) for they made a note to the effect that I am easy to interview and (as anyone who knows me will agree) always have something to say (a plus in radio).

On Friday afternoon, together with my son I was enjoying a short break on the south coast with my daughter, my mobile rang. On the other end was the producer of the afternoon show on BBC Radio WM explaining that someone had offered the answer for chicken troubles (I never found out what those troubles were) could be explained by those chickens being cooped up (no pun intended) on a ley line and that a little research had shown I was the BBC's listed expert on ley lines. Hence would I be interested in going on air in ten minutes to explain just what ley lines are?

Of course the answer was 'Yes' and I found myself on the air ten minutes later having landed myself a eight or ten minutes slot publicising a book. Furthermore, I have made another contact or two at the BBC who will instantly think of me when they have a question of an historical nature. This will also make me more popular with publishers, who love authors with an established media reputation (it saves work for them).

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