Sunday, 5 July 2015

Bahrain Place Names Explained

Having blogged samples of my books on English place names and also examined the etymologies of the nations of the world and their respective capitals I thought it time I cast my net a little wider. This time a look at the Bahrain and some of the largest settlements and most interesting names.

Manama is the capital city, with a name derived from the Arabic word al-manama perhaps used to describe 'the place of rest' or alternatively 'the place of dreams'. The capital is by far the largest being the only place to boast a population of over one million.

Muharraq was Bahrain's capital until replaced by Manama in 1923. Its name comes from the Arabic, quite literally meaning 'burned down'

Isa Town is named very recently, remembering the ruler of Bahrain from 1961 to 1999, one Isa ibn Salman Al Khalifah.

Jidhafs has been defined by Bahraini historians as 'the coast of Hafs'.

Sanabis has uncertain origins, although traditionally this is held to be named after the Qahtanite Tavy who migrated to the general area and who were also known as the Sinbas.

Note the spellings of the places are English as the piece is written in English.

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