Sunday, 4 May 2014


A homograph is defined as a word which has more than one meaning. Perhaps this should be explained further as there are some words which share a spelling – bow and wind, for example – but have different pronunciations as well as meaning. Here we are looking at the same spelling and different meanings. For crossword compilers (and solvers) such words are invaluable when trying to fill that five-letter space. Using the alternate definition when the word is clearly used in the other context can prove a minor distraction.

Bat – Every night untold millions of insects are killed by bats.

Bear – Bear watching bear baiting

Brace – A brace of pheasant will help support a family.

Can – Can factories can

Clear – Clear balls on a snooker table.

Conduct – Conductor attracts in electrical performance.

Down – Get down from that duck!

Lead – The vicar took the lead.

Quarry – The old man finally managed to bag his quarry.

Rock – Fred Flintstone’s music collection was all rock.

Spirit – Brandy was the epitome of spirit in the school

Wave – The hairdresser put a wave in my hair.

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