Sunday, 16 May 2010

Oxfordshire Place Names

With a talk coming up in Oxfordshire this week, I thought I'd include a snippet from Oxfordshire Place Names which was published last year. If anyone reading this will be present at the talk I would be delighted to meet you.

Records of this name are found as Cyngestun in 976, Chingestune in 1086, and Kingeston Bagepuz in 1284. The basic name is found throughout England and is derived from the Old English cyning-tun or 'the king's manor or estate'. Here the addition is manorial, referring to the de Bagpuize family who held this place at the time of the Domesday survey in 1086.
Locals enjoying a glass in the Hinds Head are probably unaware this place is one of only two named such in the country. The male red deer, the stag or hart, has a number of pubs named after it but the hind, without the crown of antlers, is nevertheless a superb specimen and a fine choice for a name and an excellent image for the sign.

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