Sunday, 3 January 2010

Paranormal Experiences?

A new year and thoughts turn to new projects and book ideas. Whilst I am always fascinated by place names, I also enjoyed producing three books on the paranormal. These books enabled me to produce a series of what amounted to about a hundred short narratives, something I rarely get the chance to do with anything else I write.

The paranormal books were a nice balance of traditional and/or well known examples, with a number of new stories and personal experiences. I have never had any such experience and thus must rely on those of others and thus I would like to hear from anyone who would like to contribute a story of their own. I am interested in hearing your experiences within the areas of Birmingham (that's the UK one if you're reading this elsewhere in the world) and also the county of Staffordshire - and if you have a photograph I will bite your hand off to use it! Sadly there will not be any payment, although I'm sure we can come to some arrangement regarding seeing your story in print. Furthermore, if you wish to remain anonymous or be known by some pseudonym I can certainly guarantee your name will not appear in print.

So please do get in touch as without personal experiences the finished article will suffer greatly.

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