Saturday, 22 August 2009

Been far too long since I posted anything, however I have made notes to update regularly. This will probably make each post carry less substance.

Since my last update (I was amazed to find it was so long ago) I have seen another 150 or so articles in print. However I was shocked to find I stated I had had five books on the shelves - I know I've been busy but didn't realise that with the publication of Nottinghamshire Place Names next week, that will make fourteen books published, three further manuscripts at the publishers/printers, and five more contracts to finish before the end of the year. Which probably gives me a plausible excuse for not posting, however I will try to make them weekly if at all possible.

I shall upload some of the book covers, if anyone ever gets around to reading anything of mine I would appreciate feedback. Difficult to know what one is doing right when naturally complaints will always outnumber praise.

I have enjoyed researching different areas away from the usual place names. Some of the characters I met in researching the ghost/paranormal books were a delight and it was an education to discover some of the events and beliefs of a subject I have no personal experience with, however I was and still am keen to learn more.

Tracing the ancient trackways provided me with an avenue to explore pre-history from a very different perspective. I climbed a few hills, walked many a mile and, owing to the obligatory 'instant energy rations' strapped to my back (courtesy of the Cadbury organisation) never managed to lose more than the odd pound or two - in fact I just got hungry!

Currently writing/researching/travelling the next book, another looking at old routes this time trade routes. I plan to keep posting updates on the research, rather than the work itself. So watch this space and, should you feel so inclined, please do comment.

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